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Constitution Revision Process

As was discussed at our Congregational Meeting meeting in January, we’re taking a fresh look at the Northpoint Constitution. A small team, made up of both elders and interested members, is reviewing the current document, which was first adopted in the late ’70s, and has only been revised on a very few occasions.

Over the last 40 years, Northpoint has grown considerably, and with all the changes that have taken place during that period, it’s certainly time to see if we need to propose revisions to bring the document in line with the size of our congregation, how we are organized, and to include new technology. To suggest just one example: “streaming” definitely meant one thing in 1979, and something totally different today.

You can review our existing Constitution HERE.

The Constitution Revision Team will be offering ideas and a general direction toward revision at our next Congregational Meeting, so stay tuned for more as we bring our founding documents in line to support where God is leading us into the twenty-first century.