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The Psalms Album

The Psalms Album

Hello Church Family,

We are making an album!

On Sunday, September 2, Chelsea and I partnered with several great musicians and an amazing engineer to begin recording the foundational tracks for the Psalms album. The recording session went great! I am so blessed to be surrounded by a community of God-gifted musicians and friends; these brothers and sisters are such a joy to labor and create alongside.
These songs are really special to me. They are really special to Chelsea and me, and to the family of Northpoint. These seven songs embody a season of the church that I anticipate we will hold dear in our hearts. Though our past several months as a church haven’t been easy, there is a certain sweetness that we have experienced in pressing in closer to the body of Christ.

Through the Psalms, we explored places in the human heart where many of us are uncomfortable. Psalm 73 gives voice to a brother who doesn’t understand why the immoral receive earthly riches, while the godly is oppressed. Psalm 77 helps to cry out to God in our anguish. Psalm 54 guides us in rejoicing through God’s victory, and Psalm 90 sings with anticipation, redeem us oh Lord! Return to us!

John Calvin explains that a healthy knowledge of God requires a healthy knowledge of ourselves. In that same spirit, both the church father Athanasius and the contemporary theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer observe: the Psalms are a window into the human experience; a guide to teach the Christian how to turn to Christ in the midst of our experiences and our human emotions.

We were so blessed by our time together in the Psalms this summer, and our hope is that this album will act as a type of monument, a stone of remembrance—so to speak, as we reflect on where God has led us as a church and remember how he has been faithful to us in revealing his love, grace, and comfort through his Word. As we press on as a church and anticipate what God has in store, my hope is that this album would remind us of his faithfulness in the past and encourage us to look ahead as a church, eager to see what the Spirit has in store.

I want to express my deepest thanks to all of you who have been so affirming and encouraging to Chelsea and me in regard to these songs. It is a new kind of courage for us to create something as vulnerable as these and put them on display for the entire church. Thank you so much for your support, your kind words, and your love.

As we come into the final stages of recording this album, we could use some help from our church family. There are some costs that come alongside these final steps. Up until this point, Chelsea and I have been covering these out of our own pockets and we’d be so grateful to lean on all of you to get the project finished. If you so feel led, continue to this link to find out how you can partner with us producing in this album!

There are some cool incentives for pledging to support the album: CDs, bumper stickers, even the opportunity for Chelsea and me to come play a house concert for your growth groups and friends—or Chelsea and I will write a Psalm of your choice! Check it out here.

It is our joy to share this project with you. And with your help, we hope to have the album available by the end of October.

Thanks for singing with us!

In Christ,

Geoff Grant

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