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Missional Intentionality and Everyday Life

I’m missing some people in my life…the lost.

Even though they’re the ones who are lost…needing the transforming hope-offering power of the Gospel, I feel like the one who is lost…not really having any non-Christians that I truly share life with.  One of my struggles as a Christian who gets to put all his time towards serving the Church is that I am around Christians most of the time.  I work with Christians, I live with a Christian (my beautiful wife), and my close friends are Christians.  While I am thankful for the people God has used to grow and bless me, I also know that I am struggling to be a light as God has called me to be.  Sure, there are non-Christians that come to our church gatherings…but I want to live life among and with non-Christians.  I don’t want to do this by myself, but in a community of missional believers.  In order to do this, I need to be intentional.

At times I feel paralyzed by this…feeling like the relationships I’ve slowly built at Starbucks aren’t really going anywhere.  But, this blog post by Johnathan Dodson I read today encouraged me and reminded me of how I can do this in everyday life.

He offers five ways to live everyday life with Gospel intentionality:

  1. Don’t eat alone.
  2. Be a regular.
  3. Hobby with the city.
  4. Be a good neighbor.
  5. Serve your city.

He explains each one and it is well-worth reading.  It has reminded me that living out God’s mission does not have to be as complicated as I make it.  It starts with me and a community of believers being intentional with everyday life.

Here’s the whole thing…