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Get Connected 2020

One of the greatest characteristics of the church is the Christian’s genuine love for other Christians. In John 13:35, Jesus states that our love for one another is how the outside world knows that we are followers of Christ: “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” That being the case, how can we truly love each other, as Christ describes, if we are not actively connecting with other believers and serving the needs of others? That is what Get Connected at Northpoint is all about.

In past years, “& Serve” would have been attached to the idea of Get Connect, as in Connect & Serve. This year, as we are all too painfully aware, is different: there are very few places where you can connect and even fewer places to serve. Given this reality, our focus in this season is to get you connected with the ministries that are up and running right now and to offer a couple of places to serve. Below, you’ll find a brief description of the various ministries where you can connect and a link to the specific pages on our site where you’ll be able to register. The two service opportunities link you to a contact person.

As more ministries get up and running, and as service opportunities arise, more will be added to this page.

Get Connected Right Now!

Growth Groups

Growth Groups Block 72

What is a Growth Group? A Growth Group is a group of 6-16 Christ-followers who: meet at least 2-4 times per month, apply the Scriptures together, pray for and encourage each other, discuss a sermon-based Bible study or relevant book.

Sound interesting? Click HERE for more and to register.



Women of the Word

WOW 2019 - Block 72

WOW is a weekly, in-depth women’s Bible study that combines personal study, formal teaching, and intimate, small groups. Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning meetings are offered. Begins on September 15 & 16.

Click HERE for more and to register.



Common Grounds

Common Grounds 2019 - Block 72

Common Grounds is a small group of women who meet virtually, via Zoom, every other Friday, to work through a DVD series on 1 Corinthians. The first session is on September 18.

Interested? Click HERE for more and to register.



Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron 2019 - Block 72 2

Iron Sharpens Iron a men’s Bible study aimed at improving skills, beginning We will begin our study on September 24, at 7:00 p.m., off campus. The meeting format will be both virtual and in person.

Interested? Click HERE for more and to register.
As more ministries get up and running, and as service opportunities arise, more will be added to this page.

Serve Right Now!

Sound Board

Sound Board Block 72

How does this sound?: you helping to run the sound board on Sunday mornings. We’ll train you.

Interested in serving? Please contact John Hildebrandt at jnvnht@yahoo.com.




Projection Team

Projection Team Block 72

Do you like serving behind the scenes? What about computers? The members of the Projection Team fit that description. On Sunday mornings during services, we’re behind the smoked glass of the Media Room, at the back of the Worship Center, adjusting the lighting and advancing the slides that show up on the screens that flank the stage.

Interested in serving with us? Please contact Bob Brown at bbrown@northpointcorona.org.


NP Care Team

Care Card 2 Block 72

Care Ministry team that provides care and encouragement to those who are ill, are recovering from an illness or a surgery, are homebound or have a special need. They love to make phone calls, visit in homes, or in the hospital, where they will pray, or read Scripture to those needing care. In some cases, they will even provide communion. This team has a passion to oversee the nurture, care, support, and fellowship of our family.

If you would like to volunteer with this important ministry, please click HERE to complete our online Care Volunteer Card.