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Keeping Our Mission Central

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The downfall of any business, organization, or movement is when mission becomes secondary.

In the beginning, everyone is focused on mission and on task.  From the greatest to the least, everyone works together with a sense of purpose…excited to see the vision beginning to materialize.  However, as things become more stable and comfortable, mission begins to be moved to the back of the mind and is often only an afterthought.  This leads businesses to waste precious money and resources on tangential pursuits that dig the hole even deeper…you can picture the tires spinning and digging deeper into the sand as the driver applies more and more pressure to the accelerator.  Great energy is spent, but they go nowhere.  Finally, bankruptcy comes…and if the business is going to survive, it quickly puts it’s original mission back at the forefront and jettisons anything and everything that won’t contribute to this mission.

So far, I’ve been speaking only of the business world, but how much more important must the mission of God’s people, the church, be?

Have we lost our sense of mission?  Has it become secondary?

My hope and prayer for our Revolve community is that we strive to keep our mission at the front of our brains and our hearts.  Otherwise, we will become inward-focused and begin spinning the tires…using lots of energy, but going nowhere.

In order to be mission-focused, we all need to know what our mission is.

Our Mission:  Building a community through the Gospel for our mission to church, our cities, and the world so that God is worshiped.

Here’s a link to “Our Mission” page that unwraps this statement:  https://northpointcorona.org/college/our-mission/

Read it, strive to keep it in your thinking, and join the rest of our Revolve community in accomplishing this mission.

Thankful for you,