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SOTD John 18:1-11

Passage: John 18:1-11

Instructions: Before you come to God’s Word, ask God to give you Wisdom (James 1:5) as you read the Bible.  Ask God to help you to understand it and to have it impact your life!

Read the passage above through once and then go-back and re-read the text SLOWLY.  While you are re-reading, ask yourself the following questions.

Where did Jesus go with His disciples? (1)

Who came there?  Who did he have with him? (2-3)

What did Jesus know? (4)

How did Jesus respond to the group of soldiers saying that they had come for Him? (5

What happened when Jesus said, “ I am He”? (6)

Why do you think they did that?

If Jesus hadn’t wanted them to take Him, do you think they would have?  Why or why not?

Who did Jesus tell them to let go? (8-9)  Why

What did Peter do? (10)

How did Jesus respond to Peter doing this? (11)

What did it mean for Jesus to “drink the cup?”

What was Jesus’ plan at this point?  What did He want to do?

Did His capture catch Him by surprise or thwart His plan?

Even in this story of Jesus being captured, John is careful to show us that Jesus knew what was going to happen to Him and wanted to drink the cup and be the sacrifice for sins that the Father wanted and was wanting to do the Father’s will.  Even in this story, Jesus is in complete control!

Are there any situations in your life where you might want to think that God is not in control or that this situation might have taken God by surprise?

How can thinking about this passage help you during those times?