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SOTD John 18:12-27

Passage: John 18:12-27

Instructions: Before you come to God’s Word, ask God to give you Wisdom (James 1:5) as you read the Bible. Ask God to help you to understand it and to have it impact your life!

Read the passage above through once and then go-back and re-read the text SLOWLY. While you are re-reading, ask yourself the following questions.

What happens to Jesus? Where do they take Him? (12-14)

What disciple follows Jesus at a distance? (15)

How did he respond when He was asked if he was a disciple? (17)

How had Jesus talked with Peter about this situation before? (Hint, go back and the last part of John 13).

What happens next? 19-24

How are the Jewish leaders treating Him? (22-24)

Do the Jewish leaders have any legitimate charges to bring against Jesus? How can you tell from verses 22-24?

Which character does the story return to in verses 25-27?

What does he do?

What happens after Peter denies Jesus the third time? (27)

What happened to Peter after he realized it?

Was Peter considered unworthy to be Jesus’ disciple after Jesus rose from the dead because He ha denied Jesus? (Ask questions if you don’t know)

Why was Peter still able to be Jesus’ disciple?

What was the basis of his position as a disciple of Jesus?

Are there ways that you have “denied” Jesus? What are they?

How might you be tempted to “deny” Jesus at school?

What happens when we do deny Jesus? Where can we still find hope?