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SOTD John 18:28-40

Passage: John 18:28-40
Instructions: Before you come to God’s Word, ask God to give you Wisdom (James 1:5) as you read the Bible. Ask God to help you to understand it and to have it impact your life!
Read the passage above through once and then go-back and re-read the text SLOWLY. While you are re-reading, ask yourself the following questions.

Where did they take Jesus? (28)

What did Pilate ask the religious leaders and how did they respond? (29-30)

Why did the Jewish religious leaders bring Jesus to Pilate? (31-32)

Had Jesus known about this? (32)

What question does Pilate ask Jesus in verse 33?

What is the true answer to that question? Why?

What does Jesus say about His Kingdom in verse 36?

What did Jesus say was His purpose? (37)

What does that mean?

How did Pilate respond to that? (38)

What was Pilate’s decision regarding whether or not to kill Jesus? (38-39)

How did the Jews respond to this? (39-40)

Do you want the truth that Jesus offers? Are you interested in living by what He says?

How can you tell if you are or if you aren’t in your life?