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SOTD John 20:1-18

Passage: John 20:1-18

Instructions: Before you come to God’s Word, ask God to give you Wisdom (James 1:5) as you read the Bible. Ask God to help you to understand it and to have it impact your life!

Read the passage above through once and then go-back and re-read the text SLOWLY. While you are re-reading, ask yourself the following questions.

What had happened directly before this passage?

Who came to the tomb first? What did she find there and who did she tell about it?

What did Peter and John do when they heard the news? (3-5)

What did Peter find in the tomb?

Did the disciples fully understand these things? (8-10)

Who stayed at the tomb? What was she doing? (11)

Who appeared to her and what did they say? (12)

What happened next? (13-16)

How did Mary act toward Jesus after she knew that it was Him? (17)

What did Jesus tell her to say to the disciples? (17-18)

What does Jesus say to the disciples about their relationship with God?

Why is that significant?

How do you think the disciples reacted to hearing this from Jesus?

Have you ever thought about the relationship that you have with God? Is He your father and your God?

How are we able to have a similar relationship with the Father that Jesus has?

Today, spend some time thinking about your relationship with God and thanking God for all that He has done through Jesus. Think deeply about. Think deeply about it again. Let’s all be overwhelmed at the level of relationship with God that is offered to us through Jesus Christ!