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Malachi: Waking the Dead

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I can’t wait for this Sunday! We will be starting a new study of Malachi. I know this may not seem like the normal book to study in Sr. High, and you may not know how this applies to you…but, I think you’ll see it applies in more ways than you think.

Malachi is God’s messenger sent with a mission…He’s sent to go and “wake the dead.” He goes to a hypocritical people who claim to love God but don’t live like it. Their marriages are wrecked by unfaithfulness, adultery, and divorce. They are oppressing the needy, the poor, and the immigrants. They are getting tired of obeying God and serving Him. They are “dating” (even though they didn’t date back then) people who don’t love God. They are greatly influenced by the world around them and have lost any passion or zeal for God.

God sends Malachi with a message of love and with a mission to “wake the dead.”

I hope and pray that we will wake up as well as we study this amazing story.

See you on Sunday!