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Here We Go!!!

David Guzik is a commentator who can be found on blueletterbible.org.  On John 15 he wrote, “The joy of Jesus is not the pleasure of a life of ease; it is the exhilaration of being right with God and consciously walking in His love and care.”  I love that!  You know, as hard as the hard times are, I am never closer to God than when I have to lean on Him!  I can get so caught up in doing it myself when I’m at a green pasture point in my life.

We are just over 24 hours away from our ladies’ retreat!  A few of us are heading to the hotel in a couple of hours, and the rest of the ladies will join us tomorrow and Saturday.  My prayer is that God will bless the weekend, and that He will bless each ladies’ heart.  He is an amazing God, and I can hardly wait to see how He works!  This entire weekend has been lifted up in prayer for months, as well as each lady attending by name.  As a friend of mine texted me this morning: Let’s hang on to Him and each other and live in His joy every step of the way!