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Ethiopia in 3 Days!

We leave for Ethiopia in 3 days (on Thursday) and I’m taking a break from our “California Idols” series to ask you to pray.  Pray big!  Don’t just think of us…call in the airstrike for us.

I’m very excited about this trip…here’s why:

  • We get to talk to people about the Gospel in Addis Ababa for 3 days…3 days of getting to go with evangelists from the Akaki Church to share the hope that God, our King, offers them life and joy…if they rest in Jesus.
  • We get to forge even stronger relationships with the Akaki church.  I’m excited to meet the elders and to be blessed by these godly men.  I’m also excited to fellowship with so many believers and be encouraged by them.
  • We get to see life outside of Southern California.  It won’t always be easy to see things we see, but we will get to see what life is like for so many believers around the world.  I pray that God will use this to break my heart of my idols and to help me value Him above all else.
  • We get to love some wonderful ladies that have been greatly and irreversibly affected by the AIDS epidemic.  Well…almost irreversibly.  We get to pray with them, be blessed by them, and be with them, while hoping with them in the day when God will reverse the grip that death is making on their frail bodies.
  • I have the honor of getting to preach for the Resurrection Sunday services at the Akaki Church.  I’m going to preach from 1 Corinthians 15.  Death has lost its sting!

Will you please pray for these things with us?

Pray for Jill, Vinoj, Steve, Taylor, Ken, Theresa, Abby, Keanna, Beth, and Sarah.

It would be encouraging if you left comments below with some of the things you are praying for the team!