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Redeeming the Summer

What would a Summer that was well-spent look like?

This coming Sunday, we will be mapping out what a well-spent Summer looks like in small groups…each of us having opportunity to physically draw out what this looks like.  When August 11th rolls around and you once again darken the doors of your high school…will you be able to look back and say that Summer was not a waste?

We will be looking into God’s Word this Tuesday night to see what it means to “redeem time”…who knew time could be redeemed?!  We will specifically be talking about redeeming our Summers.  On Sunday, we will get into small groups and map out what we want our Summers to look like…better yet, what God wants them to look like.

I don’t want to have a Summer of low-hopes, unmet goals, and wasted opportunities…I want to make the most of this Summer.  I hope you’re with me!

I remember coming home from college every Summer with lofty goals of what I would accomplish…read these 10 books, answer these theological questions, run 5 miles every day…only to end the Summer with a fizzle.  I hated the feeling of a wasted Summer.  I determined to make the next Summer end on a different note.

So…as we approach this coming Summer, let’s desire something great!  Let’s make big goals!  And then, let’s commit them to God in prayer and ask Him to work in big ways.  If we don’t depend on Him, our summers are destined to end with a fizzle instead of a bang.

Start thinking about these and be ready to make a plan this coming Sunday.

Anyone want to share your goals/dreams/aspirations for the Summer here?  What would a Summer that was not wasted look like for you?  Be realistic and give some tangible ideas.