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A New Creation

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” – Luke 2:14 ESV

The angels praised God at creation, and here they are praising Him again at the beginning of a new creation.  We can read the story of the birth of Christ some 200 years later and marvel at the fact that God sent His only Son to die for our sins and pay a price that we never, ever could.  But travel back with me for a minute:

This young woman was pregnant.  She got pregnant out of wedlock.  Yes… she was carrying the Son of God.  Yes, her husband knew the truth and took her to be his wife, anyway.  But what about the rest of the town?  Her family?  Her friends?  I wonder what kind of ridicule she was getting?  I wonder if anyone understood?  I wonder if, in the middle of the day, she felt alone?  Maybe her prayers went something like: God, please… I feel so very alone… I just need them to understand… to believe.  This is all conjecture, of course!  She had Elizabeth, and she had her husband.  But pregnancy is a public thing, and I just wonder if she still somehow felt alone.  And then they had to travel so far!  My friends, this is not just a quick drive down the street to McDonalds!  This is a long, hard trip.

Again, I don’t want to presume anything that we don’t know for fact about Mary’s pregnancy.  But in those days, I have to assume that she was not revered socially.  Have you ever been hit left and right?  Hard time after hard time, question after question, doubt after doubt?  What happened with Mary?  She praised God!  She clung to His promise.  What happened when the baby Jesus was born?  The angels praised God.

If God’s Word and His truth control our lives, then each event, good or bad, will help to fulfill His promises.  Whether we know it or not, whether we ever find out the answers to “Why?”, if we claim His truth and praise Him, we will be within His promises!  And each day can be a new creation!