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I Must…

“Why were you looking for me?  Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?” – Luke 2:49

The Gospels are filled with examples of Jesus telling people about His “musts.”  He told His parents He “must” be in His Father’s house.  He told those in the synagogues that He “must” preach the good news.  He told the Pharisees that He must do His Father’s work.  He told Zacchaeus that He “must” stay at his house.  He told the Pharisees that He “must” shepherd His sheep.  He told His disciples that He “must” fulfill His purpose here on earth.

Life gets crazy.  Many of us have husbands and children to care for.  We have jobs to do and houses to keep.  We have friends to love and brothers and sisters in Christ to serve.  We have teachers and leaders to respect and care for.  We have bills to pay in hopes that there will be enough money for that rest that we so desperately need.  Yes, life is full of responsibilities to meet and authorities to submit to.  These are God-given responsibilities and authorities!

We are told by church and society that we have roles to fill.  We are told what kind of wife we should be and exactly what that should look like.  We are told what kind of parent and employee and friend we should be.  We are told if we’re spending too much time here or giving too much dedication there.  Life is full of finding balance between the desires of our heart!  I cannot wait to get to heaven where time is not an issue!  Where we will have an eternity to give to our ministries!  But here and now, we must find balance.  The thing we cannot lose sight of, however, is our purpose in life.  Our one and only purpose in this life is to bring glory to God.  It is not to be super-mom or wonder-wife.  It is not to be employee of the month or the next CEO.  We, of course, bring glory to God by giving our best in whatever situation He has put us in.  That will manifest itself in being a good wife, mom, employee, and friend.  But those can never be our goals.  Our goal must ALWAYS be to glorify God… it is what Christ claimed as His “must”… and it must be our “must” as well!