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Forgive Us Our Debts

Wonderful request, isn’t it?  I have to tell you, one of my passions is God’s grace and mercy.  Without that, I would be nothing… none of us would stand a chance!  If the Apostle Paul could assert that he is the worst of sinners, then how could any of us stand a chance at an eternity with God?  Only by His grace and mercy do we have any hope!

Here’s the not-quite-as-cool part, though… the prayer doesn’t stop with that request.  It goes on.  Forgive us our debts… as we forgive our debtors!  What?! Really?!  Here we go with that whole plank in the eye thing again, right?

So!  What’s on my agenda today?  I’m going to sort through the cavities of my heart, and I’m going to pray for the ones who have hurt me.  And the ones that still sting?  I’m going to tell God that it stings… that I don’t want to “feel better” about it… and that I need Him to give me a righteous anger or none at all…

I’m going to ask Him to help me forgive them, because what they have done to me is NOTHING compared to what I have done to Him!

By: Amber Lea