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The High Road?

Do you ever find yourself basing your determination of God’s will for your life on a feeling of peace? Or on what is easy? Or on what feels comfortable? Of course you do! Why wouldn’t we expect that when life is comfortable, that has to be God’s will for our life right then! I know that when I can pay the bills, and when I have a comfortable home, and when I am loved I most definitely feel like I am right where God wants me to be. And who knows? I may very well be!

Here’s the question, though: Moses was adopted into Pharaoh’s family. He was highly educated. He was rich. He had nice things and a nice home. He had people who loved him. But that wasn’t God’s will, was it? God’s plan for Moses’ life was for him to leave everything that was comfortable and every luxury that he had been given. He was to become an enemy to the very people he called family, lead a people who questioned him, and spend decades in a dry desert. And at the end… he still wouldn’t get to see the Promised Land.

How do we know if God wants us to rest in the blessings of life? I don’t know! I know that God does bless us. But I also know that the blessings aren’t always where He wants us to rest. So… I guess I’ll spend more time on my knees and in His Word. And I will DEFINITELY keep my eyes open for burning bushes!