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Psalm 103:14 says, “For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.”

Phew!  I was starting to stress!  For awhile there, I thought I had God fooled.  I must have!  If He called me, made me His own, then I must have been able to pull the wool over His eyes!  Because if He knew what I really was… if He knew the sins that I struggle with, the lies that I convince myself of, and the wretch that I am… He wouldn’t love me, right?  But, man… these last few months I have been losing it!  As I struggle and ache with the lousy excuse for a human being that I am, I have been hoping that God wouldn’t find out.  What if He did?  Would He leave me?!?

Psalm 103:14 assures us that He already knows… Every tear… every hurt… every sin (yes!  even sin!)… He knows.  He knew long ago!  And He still called us.  He still chose us!  There’s only one thing that can mean: it’s not about me!  It’s gotta be about Him!  Phew!