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What Prayer Is All About

The Prayer Ministries at Northpoint Evangelical Free Church is not about prayer.  It’s about God.  The purpose of prayer isn’t so much to get answers.  It’s to draw close to Him.  Through prayer we…

  • Enjoy access into God’s presence (Psalm 16:11)
  • Come to know God’s mind (Luke 24:45; John 14:26, 16:13)
  • Receive the ability to follow God’s will (Matthew 6:10; Colossians 1:9)
  • Find we can trust God’s provision (2 Corinthians 9:8; Philippians 4:19)
  • Serve the ends of God’s kingdom (Matthew 6:10)
  • Learn to rely on God’s power (Ephesians 3:14-21; Colossians 1:11)

Christ came to earth “to bring us to God” (1 Peter 3:18).  Prayer is about living that heavenly reality here on earth, day by day, as often as we need to – as often as possible.  Christ purchased the privilege of prayer (Hebrews 4:14-16, 10:19-22).  His Word guides the practice of prayer (Romans 8:26).  His Father – and ours – is the focus of our prayer (Matthew 6:9).  And really, what could we desire more than Him?

Enjoy your New Year with the One who gives it to you and will be with you – day by day by day.

Dave Dussault

Prayer Ministries Director