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How Many Heads?

I wonder if sometimes we think we have an “in” with God. We have crazy resources available. There are commentaries galore, sermons online, podcasts, and yes, there is an app for that! We listen to expositional teaching, back it up and challenge it when we think the speaker is wrong, and feel that God is right there over our shoulders calling us blessed.

In Exodus and Deuteronomy we see that the Israelites are not even allowed to touch the boundaries of the mountain where God came down. Only Moses, the leader of the nation, was able to approach. Now that doesn’t entirely translate to today. We are able to go directly to God. But we must be careful not to go so far with our own intellects as to question and disrespect the leaders that God has put in place. Is there an arrogance in our thinking? Should we always use the Bible as a litmus test to search for truth, but yet have more faith in those whom God has called to lead us?

I think that the image of the body of Christ is so sweet. I pray that God will show me what part of the body I am, and that I will pursue being the best little toe that I can be and not challenge the other body parts wondering if I am more qualified.