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Let Freedom Ring?

Posted on February 19, 2011 by Meredith

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Remarkable changes are taking place in the Arab world. The Tunisian uprising seems to have unleashed pent up anger and frustration. There has been overwhelming support for the revolution in Egypt in the toppling of its dictator (though difficult days lie ahead). The Arab world appears to be largely unified in the rejection of authoritarian leaders and rule by a handful of political and financial elite. There seems to be a yearning for freedom, for a voice in one’s government, and for respect for human dignity and human rights. There is a groundswell for emancipation from repressive regimes and from the grip of poverty.

Please pray for peaceful solutions. Pray for courage on the part of world leaders to speak to atrocities. Pray for Christians in these deeply difficult areas. The vacuum in power could result in positive changes or could result in opportunity for radicalism.

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