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COMMIT- Billy Blakey

In light of our series that we’ve been studying for the past few weeks on being those who have been grasped by the Gospel and are truly committed to Christ, I wanted to share this quote from Jonathan Edwards.

“On one Saturday night, in particular, I had such a discovery of the excellency of the gospel above all other doctrines, that I could not but say to myself, ‘This is my chosen light, my chosen doctrine,’ and of Christ, ‘This is my chosen Prophet.’  It appeared sweet, beyond all expression, to follow Christ, and to be taught, and enlightened, and instructed by Him, to learn of Him, and live to Him.  Another Saturday night, I had such a sense, how sweet and blessed a thing it was to walk in the way of duty; to do that which was right and meet to be done, and agreeable to the holy mind of God; that it caused me to break forth into a kind of loud weeping, which held me for some time, so that I was forced to shut myself up, and fasten the doors.  I could not but, as it were, cry out ‘How happy are they, who do that which is right in the sight of God!  They are blessed indeed, they are the happy ones!’  I had, at the same time, a very affecting sense, how meet and suitable it was that God should govern the world, and order all things according to His own pleasure; and I rejoiced in it, that God reigned and that His will was done.”

Praying our thinking of the Christ, the Gospel and God’s will for us as believers leads us into similar times of sweet thinking on the goodness and happiness of those who follow the Lord!