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Questions – Amber McEwen

In Luke chapter 1 we read about Zechariah questioning the angel Gabriel when he was told that he and his wife would have a son.  Because of his unbelief he was made deaf and mute until the birth of his child.  My first reaction was, “Well of course!  He didn’t believe!”  And then I started thinking about Mary, when she was told that she would bear the Christ-child.  She asked how, and was commended for her faith.  Abraham asked how when he was told that he and Isaac would have a child, and was commended for his faith.  So, how is it that some people are commended for faith while others are punished for their lack of belief.

I have thought a lot about this question this week.  I am a question kind of gal.  I love to have information.  My closest friends will tell you that I drive them crazy with asking questions.  But there are two ways to ask a question, and it all comes down to your heart.  We can ask a question like Mary did: Really?  Wow!  God, you are so good!  How is this going to happen?  It doesn’t quite make sense to me, but I trust You, so tell me more!  Or we can ask a question like Zechariah did: Um, God, seriously?  That isn’t possible!  Do You know the obstacles You’re up against?

When we ask questions, either to friends and loved ones or to our God, do we have a heart of faith and excitement, and just want to be in on the know of how it is going to work out?  Or do we have a heart that thinks we know better, and clearly they are forgetting something.  Challenging!