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Strategic Prayer for Adventure Nights

Here it comes!  Adventure Nights is back – that fun, frenetic, rich, and meaningful week when hundreds gather every night at the Northpoint campus.  Yes, we want it to be fun.  By all means possible we reach out to connect to every person who comes.  We certainly desire that adrenaline flows, excitement abounds, and lasting memories ensue.  Adventure Nights is always a good time, and that’s the way we plan it.

But it’s all for a purpose.  We try to connect with kids so they can connect with God.  We plan a good time for people to hear the Good News.  We take time to enjoy, because the joy of the Lord is our strength and because eternal joy can be ours through Jesus Christ, humanity’s One True Hero.

The goal of Adventure Nights is not fun, it’s transformation.  Ultimately, the only way an encounter with God can have a happy ending is if God gets His way.  It’s not popular to think this way, but we are God’s enemy, through no fault of His own.  The sweet-faced, wide-eyed kids who grace our campus this week need more than a good time, good instruction, and a good example.  They need the life-transforming touch of the Gospel.

The Gospel is why we have Adventure Nights.  The plan for this week is to deliberately set up an encounter between each participant and the truth that God has made a way for us to come back to Him.  Our Hero, Jesus Christ, took the punishment we deserve for sinning against Him, so that we wouldn’t have to.  Our desire is that everyone who comes to our campus this week walk away cleansed from sin and right with God.

Only God can make that happen.  That’s why we pray.  As with each redeemed soul, the Church is a miracle of God’s own doing.  Let’s bring this week before God and seek His power and enabling.  May He keep us on track, doing His work, His way, throughout the power of His might.  Here are some things for us to pray for specifically:

  • That God will open the hearts of the little ones who come to hear about God’s wonderful gift of salvation.
  • For God’s Holy Spirit to guide and direct everything that is said and done on campus this week, so the Gospel will be proclaimed clearly.
  • For protection from the enemy, who desires to frustrate and derail the communication of the Gospel.
  • That God grant health and energy to all of the leaders and helpers.
  • May love and kindness be in the hearts and on all the faces of the workers, as they interact with the children.
  • For God to open hearts of parents, as their children come home and tell the stories they have heard.
  • For at least 350 kids to come, hear, and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so He becomes their Hero and Savior.

Heaven alone knows the impact this week will have on the lives of those who come.  God alone can turn a week of fun into a week of lives transformed.  Let’s enter into God’s presence and seek His power to accomplish the great things He has in store for Adventure Nights!

Dave Dussault

Prayer Ministries Director