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The Scriptures – Amber McEwen

If you read Luke 4:14-30, it may seem like an uneventful story at first.  Jesus Christ went to the synagogue on the Sabbath, read some passages from Isaiah, was challenged by those who heard, responded to the challenge, and then went on to His next place.  Pretty common story in the Gospels, right?  Here is what stood out to me:

The passage says that Jesus went to the synagogue, as was His custom.  If there is anyone who shouldn’t have to go to church, it’s Jesus!  Why do we sometimes think we don’t need church?  We are too tired from the week.  We haven’t had enough family time.  We’re weary.  Who needs those hypocritical Christians anyway?  Fellowship?  Well, I hang out with Christians all the time!  I guarantee you… no matter how tired or weary you are, Jesus Christ was more so.  I promise you, those fellow Christians that seem so hypocritical and judgmental to you… they were more so to Jesus.  He truly was perfect… we are not!  Fellowship?  Jesus had much fellowship through the week.  He had disciples following Him everywhere, doing the work that would further the Kingdom.  Guess what?  Jesus Christ went to the synagogue on the Sabbath, as was His custom!

The next thing that stood out to me was what He read at the synagogue.  The Scriptures.  He opened the scroll and read the Scriptures, and that was His sermone.  There were no fancy words or acts or shows.  God’s Word is what changes lives, my friend.  Life on life?  Yes!  Relationship?  Yes!  We must work together.  We must gather together.  We must fellowship together.  We are specifically called to not live this life alone.  But the Word of God is central to all of this.

The Scriptures… the beginning and the end!