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“Free at last!”

“Free at last!” The words of the famous song were sung by many today as people gathered to celebrate the birth of a new nation- the Republic of South Sudan. I met three ladies early this morning on their way to the celebration who told me, “Today is a great day for our nation! It makes our troubles worthwhile. We are free! We are a people and we are a nation.”

The neighbors in the north have told the Southern Sudan black and christian alike, that they were not human, but worst than slaves. But today the sentiments and feelings of the majority of the new nation were made clear through signs, songs, tears, joy, and celebration. Today their dignity is defended. Today, the people of Southern Sudan are free. What a joy to witness such a historic moment in the life of a nation whose people have suffered so much.

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Northpoint was honored to have Celestin visit us in May. Press on!