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E3 Update from Equador: A Healthier Summer!

Morning from Quito,

It’s Friday morning…we finished our 5th & final clinic yesterday and drove 5 hours through the Andres back to Quito. By every accounting, our trip was a great success and we’re thankful to our Lord for His grace over all that we did.

Each day people received medical care, had teeth pulled, received reading glasses, got community health instruction, had a new water filtration system installed for their community and heard the gospel through both personal testimony & sharing of an evangelistic film.  I don’t have any final numbers, but there were many who professed faith in Christ.  As always, I asked people I talked to if they’d ever heard this message before…almost all of them said, “no, they’d never heard it!”

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We did return to one village where we’d worked 4-5 years earlier.  Our national leader didn’t think that the church plant from that trip “took” and so we were going to try again.  Much to our surprise, a flourishing church with 40 adults and 60 children were there (this is a community of 300 people)…SOME OF THEM REMEMBERED US!  And, we remembered some of them.  I wonder if what we felt was similar to how Paul felt when he returned to churches that he’d started?

Well, thanks for your prayers…please pray us home now!  We’ll be tired, but anxious to share our stories when we see you…and, of course, hear how you’ve done while we were gone.


Rick and Brenda Eisemann
Ministry Name: E3
Web Site: click here
Area of Ministry: Ethiopia
Hometown: Temecula, CA