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Sermon Notes from 9/25

Food from the Table Mark 7:24-37

“Her pluck and persistence are a testimony to her trust in the sufficiency and surplus of Jesus: his provision for the disciples and Israel will be abundant enough to provide for one such as herself.”  James Edwards

The Nature of Our Approach: We wrestle, struggle, and contend, and then we submit with confidence in Jesus and his work.

“She took Christ at his own words.  He then treated her not as a dog, but as a child of Israel.”   Martin Luther

The Focus of Our Mission:  Gospel-expansion must characterize the primary intent of our corporate endeavors.

“If he must not be distracted from the messianic vocation that led him to the cross, [then] nor must we be distracted from focusing on that too by our natural, and indeed, God-given, desire to spread the healing message of the gospel as widely as possible.”

The Basis of Our Appeal is his goodness and the sufficiency of his grace, not on any rights we think we have.