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To Each Is Given A Manifestation… Marti Wiegman

So… how many of you have Christmas presents or birthday presents or any presents laying around the house that you haven’t bothered to open yet?  Not likely!!  Because most of us LOVE presents.  Especially those presents that come from someone very dear who knows you the very best and always gets you the PERFECT gift.

As believers God has given each of us the perfect gift.  We are probably using that gift, even if we don’t realize it.  But we will never use our gifts to their fullest if we don’t understand their purpose and know what they are.

We are entering this whole realm of spiritual gifts.  We will be on this topic for several weeks so if all your questions don’t get addressed today (which they won’t), we will be coming back to the concept of spiritual gifts throughout the month.  Notice I said we would hopefully “address” the key questions, not necessarily “answer” them.

While Paul is writing to the Corinthians 2,000 years ago, we find a lot hasn’t changed in the Church today.  In chapters 12-14 it becomes clear that the issue of spiritual gifts was clouded by some confusion and controversy in the church at Corinth.  It is much the same now.

John MacArthur said, “Perhaps no area of biblical doctrine has been more misunderstood and abused, even within evangelicalism, than that of spiritual gifts.  Yet no area of doctrine is more important to the spiritual health and effectiveness of the church.

Alistair Begg said, “The Evil One, knowing how vital the correct use of spiritual gifts is both to the health and effectiveness of the church, seeks to sew dissension, confusion, and uncertainty, in order to foster ignorance and unbelief in the Church.”

In all this controversy and confusion, we neglect and ignore spiritual gifts.  We each leave our own gift undiscovered and underutilized.

Join us at WOW the next three weeks as we unpack spiritual gifts.