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Spiritual Gifts – Marti Wiegman

1 Corinthians 14 is the third and final chapter in Paul’s discussion of spiritual gifts.  Let’s review where we’ve been and see where we’re going.

Chapter 12 tells us that the Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to every believer for the common good.  We put out the challenge for you to prayerfully discover just how the Spirit has gifted you.  Paul gave us this powerful picture of a body joined together with each part being important.  If one part says, “I’m not important,” we all suffer.  If one part says, “I’m all important,” we all suffer.

Chapter 13 tell us that the most excellent way to use spiritual gifts is love.  If I do all these things – if I speak in tongues, or have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries, and have all knowledge and all faith – but have not love… I’m nothing.

Chapter 14 tells us that the most important goal of spiritual gifts is edification and building up of the Church.

In chapter 14 Paul tells us to “excel in building up the church” (vs. 12).  Four times in this chapter Paul uses the Greek word “oikodome”, which refers to the building up of a house from foundation up and keeping it in constant repair.

During these difficult days as a church family, the reality that we are continually being edified and built up in Christian love is so evident.  The highlight of Judy’s last days was mail call.  On Thursday when I was there she received 10 cards filled with encouragement.  There was an abundance of food from the choir and WOW friends.  The outpouring of love on the Ramirez family was just amazing.  The waiting room in the ICU was packed almost around the clock with dear friends.  Someone who lives just a few miles away from the hospital transformed a detached room of their home from a play room into a guest house for Tammy’s husband and children in a matter of hours.

It has been so very sweet to be part of the staff and be able to look out and see how the body of Northpoint has embraced being the body of Christ to these two families.  Thank you!