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Tuba City Prayer Partnership

Northpoint is partnering with our sisters and brothers from the Navajo and Hopi Nations in Tuba City, Arizona. We have sent teams to Tuba City for several years. Northpoint presently sends teams four times a year to provide training, encouragement, and to better equip them as believers and followers of Jesus Christ–to disciple them. In addition to our visits, our sisters and brothers in Tuba City have requested prayer and we are offering the Tuba City Prayer Partnership to our Northpoint believers to come alongside them and pray for them.

We have started two programs. Some of our Arizona friends have requested prayer, but are not ready to establish a relationship.We are calling this a one-way prayer partnership, and no contact information is provided. We also have a two-way prayer partnership as other Tuba City friends have requested prayer and they want to establish a relationship with a Northpoint believer. The Northpoint partner will be given contact information so that they can have a two-way partnership and relationship. The Northpoint person is encouraged to promptly contact their partner and begin a relationship.

In either situation, the Northpoint partner will receive information on the most common issues that plague Tuba City residents and also instructions on what and what not to do. Northpoint partners are asked to commit to regular prayer for a year–until the Northpoint Tuba City team returns from the visit planned for July 2014, when we will re-shuffle and update the prayer partnership opportunities.

If you would like to “adopt” a prayer partner or there are any questions, please email the Tuba City Prayer Partnership Team.

Also, look for the Tuba City table during Mission Week activities and select your partner there.