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Grace in the Little Things

Grace in the Little Things

Hello Church Family,

If you were with us on Sunday for either of our worship services, you heard me share a story of my mom’s earliest Christmases. Sadly, as a little girl, she often watched as several of her siblings received gifts, while she (and typically one of her sisters) received nothing.  Not even a pair of socks. Or a hand-me-down doll. It’s heartbreaking to hear her recount those indelible holiday experiences.

But my mother, of course, is not the only child to go without presents at Christmas. Hundreds of kids in Corona and Norco alone are in families where parents just don’t have the money to purchase gifts. They are doing well just to keep the electricity on.

This is where we help. Every year at Northpoint, we sponsor nearly 500 children in our city who are less privileged financially, and we buy those kids Christmas gifts. It’s a ministry we call Christmas in Corona. It’s a beautiful way for us to model the compassion of Jesus and let families in our community know that they are our neighbors, whom we love and treasure.

Well, at last report almost 400 names had been claimed by folks in our church. (Thank you!) That means that there are still about a hundred names that need to be collected. If you haven’t picked up a name (or two), please email Teri Vaughn. And for you procrastinators (I’m not judging!), you can also visit the table in the Foyer on Sunday, where all remaining names will be ready to be taken.

Thank you for being such a caring church. On this pre-Thanksgiving week, I have expressed my gratitude to God numerous times for the privilege of leading and serving such an amazing body of believers.

Pastor John