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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Hello Church Family,

Merry Christmas! On behalf of my fellow pastors and elders, I want to let you know how much of a privilege and honor it is to lead and serve such an amazing body of believers. In the words of the Apostle Paul, “We give thanks to God always for all of you.” (1 Thes. 1:2)

I love this church. Simply put, I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

As I shared with you not long ago, I read an article recently that argued that people simply aren’t coming to faith in long-established churches. Church planting, the author quipped, is the only way to reach a post-everything world. Well, I am absolutely in favor of church planting. In fact, I will be reading and praying in 2015 about how we as a church might consider such a strategy as part of our mission to make disciples who make disciples. But I cannot accept the aforementioned author’s premise. God continues to provide too much evidence to the contrary.

Perhaps you remember the testimony of the Sell family, as they entered the waters of baptism only a few weeks ago. Ryan, a hard-working husband and father (and General Manager at Miguel’s Jr. for you burrito lovers!), shared how God had brought him low, and helped Ryan to see that he was the “pilot of his own life.” But it was through those dark times that God allowed Ryan to realize the emptiness and futility of putting one’s hope in human strength. Through the sermon series on James and the consistent prayer of believing neighbors (members of Northpoint), God saved Ryan from his sin and self-reliance, and made him a son. And not only did God redeem Ryan, but God brought Ryan’s wife, Jennifer, and daughter, Dakota, to saving faith as well, resembling one of the family-style conversions of the New Testament.

This is just one story. And there are plenty more. But I made a commitment, since this is Christmas Day, after all, to keep this entry short. That said, here is my prayer for you today: that God would give you the grace to see the beauty and sufficiency of Jesus, and that the Lover of your soul would increase your joy in Him, both for the holidays and beyond.

Can’t wait to see what God does in 2015!

Pastor John