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Catch, (Train), and Release

Catch, (Train), and Release

Dear Church Family,

After the Apostle Paul planted the church at Ephesus, he sent Timothy, his young protégé, to oversee the doctrine and the growth of this fledgling congregation. But lest Timothy be inclined to “protect his territory,” lead every ministry, or do all the teaching, Paul instructed him rather forcefully: appoint and develop other qualified leaders. Paul’s specific words to Timothy, as the former languished in a Roman prison, were clear:

“And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2 ESV)

One of my great passions and commitments as a pastor is to train up other leaders to serve the church. Starting with my own family and then extending into the believing community. That’s why I meet with young men individually just about every week. We talk about life, doctrine and the challenges that go along with forging a disciple-making ministry in the age with live in. And we don’t just talk; I encourage them to use their gifts.

One of the guys on my radar is Taylor Mendoza. He is a remarkable young man who serves as Northpoint’s Junior High Intern. While Taylor typically has a hard time throwing a softball from third base to first (he sometimes sails balls five feet over the first baseman’s head), he is a man who absolutely gets the gospel of grace. I have been so impressed with his leadership skills, his humility (an absolute essential), and his theological acumen.

This Sunday, I’ve asked Taylor to bring the Word to us from Hosea chapter 3. This will be his first time preaching in “big church.” But he’s ready. As he prepares for pastoral ministry at CBU, and teaches our seventh and eighth graders here at Northpoint, his skills are being systematically honed. And his heart steadily buoyed by what he observes God doing in our church. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does through Taylor to deepen our understanding of His love and to stir our hearts to seek our King.

Please pray for Taylor. And if he makes an attempt at humor on Sunday (even a joke that’s really not that funny) give him a robust laugh anyway. You’ll ease his nerves and encourage his soul.

For the Glory of God in all things,

Pastor John