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A Thousand Hills’ Worth of Cattle

A Thousand Hills’ Worth of Cattle

Dear Family,

I have been praying for you this week, that God would unite us together in his love.

At one of our year-end congregational meetings not too long ago, someone made a very helpful comment. This gentleman asked, “Can you give us occasional updates on how we’re doing as a church financially? This way, if things get tight, we can look for ways to personally increase our giving (beyond ten percent).” I was both heartened and challenged by the retort. And from that time, I’ve made it a point to provide regular updates via electronic and written means. (Yes, we still write old-fashioned letters every once in a while!)

With that said, below is a snapshot of our financial picture with two-thirds of the fiscal year in the books. (Our financial year goes from August 1 to July 31.)

’14-‘15 Giving (thru 35 weeks): $1,165,445
’15-’16 Giving (thru 35 weeks): $1,186,637
’15-’16 Budget (thru 35 weeks): $1,182,143

As you can see, our year-to-date giving is above both last year’s giving (over the same duration) and our budgeted income. Praise God for his faithfulness. As the old hymn says, “He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again.”

Thank you for your consistency in this area. Your contributions reveal your grasp of God’s love in your own life and make it possible to for this church to yield direct gospel fruit in places like: Botswana, Bhutan, Budapest, Johannesburg, Carranza, Corona, Norco, Riverside, and many others.

By his grace,

Pastor John