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A Message from Your Elders

A Message from Your Elders:

Dear Church Family,

To everything God has created, He brings seasons of change, and we are going through such a time now. As difficult as these transitions are, they ultimately work for our good and God’s purposes.

As you may know, on March 11, John Sloan tendered his resignation and is now pursuing his next chapter in service to the Lord. We all are thankful for the years of ministry and leadership that John provided and the transformations we saw in many relationships and individuals. We are also saddened as he and his family move away.

The remaining staff pastors, Brent and Scott, will continue as they have with shepherding, counseling and leading. They, along with others, such as Tim East, Mike Russell, and Taylor Mendoza, will anchor our preaching ministry for the next few months.

Our current framework for moving forward is to bring in a full-time, interim pastor who has the experience of providing wise shepherding to a body that is going through transition. This will happen in late summer and provide a consistent pulpit ministry. We will continue to use our gifted pastors and leaders in the pulpit as well. This transitional pastor may also assist in leading staff and provide administrative support to ministries for continuity. He will then step away once we find our next lead pastor.

We will continue to work with ministry partners who can help us through this transition. We are receiving counsel and assistance from the EFCA Western Region staff. The EFCA (Evangelical Free Church of America) has deep resources that will come alongside our elders and pastors. We may be bringing in a team to help us formulate a ministry plan. This effort will take time to reach the recommendation phase. They may do an all-church written/online survey, conduct interviews with ministry leaders, and gather demographics on our congregation and community. We will then focus on the opportunities and suggestions identified by their efforts.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. There is much to be prayerful about. There will be much to research, ponder, and decide. But through it all, we are confident that our great God will show us His unfolding will. Join with us in prayer as we seek Him.

Much more will be communicated as we make progress. Feel free to talk to any elder or staff pastors at any time. You can also email us all at leadership@northpointcorona.org.

In Him,

Your Elders