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Restore + Rediscover + Rebuild Update

Restore + Rediscover + Rebuild Update

By Mark Kiker
Northpoint Elder Chair

Hello Church Family,

In the summer of last year, the Leadership Team unveiled a plan to move us toward the future: Restore + Rediscover + Rebuild. The Lord has restored much, allowed us to rediscover many things, and He is now helping us as we start to rebuild.

We have done much, but still, we have major initiatives before us.

Where the Lord has brought us so far:

  • Hired Interim Pastor and Youth Pastor – We brought in Dr. Tony Chute from Cal Baptist and affirmed Taylor Mendoza as our youth pastor.
  • Council from Denomination – We have ongoing meetings with Bob Osborne from the EFCA. He has helped the elders to process lessons learned. He is providing advice, training, facilitating discussion, and sharing his experience from many years of assisting churches.
  • Listening More – Large group listening meetings were held, plus many small group interactions were had, and we continue to have individual conversations with members. We seek to clarify issues, repair relationships, in addition to strengthening communication and feedback.
  • Staff Support – More time spent with staff. We have been interacting with staff on a regular basis as time allows, attending more meetings, providing more guidance, and encouraging our paid staff.
  • Elders/Directors Fellowship – We are invigorating relationships amongst the leadership team and directors with more fellowship times together.
  • Choral Music – We reintroduced choral arrangements via the Inland Community Choir presence on two Sunday mornings and hosted one of their Christmas Concerts.
  • Congregational Meetings – We review finances and update members at these meetings, and we have one on the books for January 27, 2019.
  • Finance and Attendance – We are stable and improving. Not out of the woods yet, but the Lord is blessing us through increased giving and consistent attendance

Where the Lord is leading:

  • Update on Financials and Attendance – Our January 27 Congregational Meeting will allow for more reporting on finances and giving. Please plan on attending.
  • Plan Music Ministry Year – We are reviewing and planning the calendar year in music with Geoff as we seek to include choral music going forward.

Where the Lord might take us next:

  • Leadership Team Meeting – The leadership team will be gathering on January 19 for an extended planning meeting. At that session, we will reaffirm our ministry vision and focus. We will be praying and discussing where the Lord is leading and how we might move forward with the wisdom and guidance He provides. Please be in prayer for this day.
  • Expand the Elder Board – We will be looking for men that the Lord might be calling to eldership. We will discuss this on January 19 also.
  • Formally initiate Pastor Search Process – February will see us begin the process of seeking our next lead pastor. At that time, we will lay out the series of tasks needed to open the search. We have no timeline for completion, as we understand the Lord of the Harvest moves His workers around His fields as He sees fit.

Please pray for the elders and pastors as we seek guidance and wisdom from the Lord at our January 19 meeting.

In Him,

Mark Kiker
Elder Chair