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The Latest from Northpoint – 5.7.2020

Executive Pastor and Staffing Model

Hello Church Family,

In our recent update, the Pastor Search Committee introduced a new paradigm in our search for a Lead Pastor. Now, we would like to discuss further the position of an Executive Pastor and how this relates to the staffing model being developed by the Elders.

The Elders have been looking at a mix of full-time, part-time, and shared vocational roles to complete the church staff. For example, the Elders are looking to establish Steve Dahlgren as a permanent member of the staff in a shared vocational role, where he will continue to provide his leadership in music at Northpoint while working as a professor of music at California Baptist University. This is the same model that the Pastor Search Committee is using to vet Tony Chute as Lead Pastor.

The Executive Pastor is a full-time position that would report directly to the Lead Pastor. The ideal candidate will have the ability to lead and develop the pastoral and administrative staff, assist in nurturing the congregation toward a more mature relationship with Christ, and facilitate the church in its service of God’s Kingdom. This is a new position for Northpoint and fulfills some of the duties performed by several of the previous pastoral roles at the church.

The Executive Pastor will serve under the direction of the Elders and the Lead Pastor, providing boots-on-ground leadership for the operations of the church when the Lead Pastor is fulfilling other duties. He will be responsible for implementing the vision and mission of Northpoint while guiding the staff in their ministries. He will be the point person for day-to-day operations and lead weekly staff meetings under the direction of the Lead Pastor.

The Executive Pastor will be responsible for facilitating the spiritual formation and care of the congregation. This includes oversight and management of our discipleship ministries, training and development for ministry leaders and Growth Groups, and supervision of member care alongside the Elders. He will also be a primary liaison with the Deacon Team after the Elders bring candidates forward to the congregation for affirmation.

The Search Committee hopes to begin the search for an Executive Pastor soon, if the congregation votes to affirm the Committee’s role in this process at the Congregational Meeting on May 17 (see below). This position is a necessary part of the search of Lead Pastor. If you have any questions, you can email the Committee at pastoralsearchcommittee@northpointcorona.org.

Thank you,

Pastor Search Committee

Lay Members Elders: Rich Simpson, Chair, Mark Blincoe, Erin Hanson, & Sandra Tront
Elders: Steve Flood, Mark Kiker, & Vinoj Zachariah