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God: God made all things for His Glory and communicated with mankind in the Scriptures.


Man:Therefore all people were created by God for His

glory. Mankind was designed to have relationship with God and to have God as the ultimate treasure and authority.


Fall: But every person has rejected God’s authority and has chosen to be self centered and self directed and thus, commit sinful acts. As a result all people are separated from God, justly sentenced to eternal judgment in Hell.


Offer: Yet God offers the hope of salvation.  He gives them the opportunity to end their rebellion… to have God as their rightful authority and treasure.  Since that relationship with God would be reconciled, the person would live eternally with God in Heaven.


Jesus: In order to give people this reconciliation, a payment was made.  Jesus, being God and man, came to earth in order to live, die and rise from the dead.  By doing this, all who would trust in Him would find complete forgiveness for rebellion and would be given Jesus’ righteousness.  Only when Jesus’ work is applied to a person, can His offer of reconciliation be granted.


Response: The only way a person will be reconciled to God through Christ, is through asking God to apply the work of Jesus to turn him from being a self-centered rebel, to a God-centered person who loves and obeys Him.  Such a repentance and plea for salvation is called “being saved by faith”.  God promises to immediately answer that prayer, make him a child of God and to include him in His family, which is called the Church.  As part of the Church, He then calls him to love and spread this wonderful news about Christ, which He calls “The Gospel”.