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2020/2021 NP Budget

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2020/2021 Budget

The 2020/2021 Northpoint Church Budget

Like most families, Northpoint has a budget that guides our decisions and direction for the year ahead. Members just approved the Northpoint Budget for the 2020/21 ministry year, and we thought it would be a good time to discuss our goals behind it, and how it will be managed.

A budget represents a plan based on both what God has provided, and where we believe He wants us to use what He’s entrusted. Planning is important, of course, but like most of us, we allow for the unexpected, and we adjust accordingly as the year unfolds.

This year, we have set a number of key goals, and the 2020/2021 Budget reflects these. (See below for to view the 2020/2021 Budget.) For example, we expect to fill all of our open staff positions so we can complete the work God has put on our hearts to accomplish. We’re going to invest a little more in missions and outreach, particularly with local outreach and community engagement. As we did last year, we are including at least two interns for Student Ministries in an effort to meet the needs in this demanding area, and to provide opportunities for growing leaders. Adding it all up, the budget amounts to just over $1,636,000, or about $31,500 a week.

Some good questions were asked at our last Congregational Meeting about what goes into a budget this size, and here is how that breaks out:

About $1.2 million, or 75% of the budget, could be considered “fixed costs” that are consistent. These would include the payroll and benefits for our regular staff, insurance, mortgage, and utilities. This leaves $440,000 that represents expenses that will vary based on our operations. Examples would include special events, some program supplies, and campus enhancements. These “variable costs” are very important, and in some cases, essential to opening the doors, but there is room to manage many of these expenses against our income, and we have developed plans should expenses exceed our income.

We also budget each year for repairs and campus improvements, and we have a reserve in a separate account (the Building Fund) should an unexpected repair occur.

One of our strongest values is that we manage expenses in view of our income: as God provides, we follow the plans we’ve made and adjust along the way. If income is reduced, we communicate this to His people, and time after time, God works through His people to provide for His work. We don’t spend funds if we don’t have the resources. It’s truly His work, and He has always provided.

God has blessed us with so much. Our land and most of the campus buildings have been paid for by the faithful giving in the past. We have a mortgage of $3.5 million on the main Worship Center we finished in 2007, but we have a very good interest rate and terms with Christian Investors Financial. Rates for non-profit organizations are always higher than for home mortgages; our current rate was lowered several years ago to 4%, and it’s adjustable at certain intervals if rates continue to fall.

Please continue to pray for our ministry and give to the work. As always, if any of you—members or attendees—have questions or want to know more, we are available to discuss the budget and our finances in more detail; please contact the leadershipteam@northpointcorona.org, or call the Church Office at 951.734.1335 to set up an appointment.

Leadership Team