Sermon Notes + 3.26.2023

DOWNLOAD PDF 3.26.2023 SERMON NOTES The Man Believed the Word John 4:43-54 Dr. Tony Chute, Lead Pastor Overview: Two days after speaking with the woman at the well, Jesus departs for Galilee, where He is welcomed by those who had witnessed the miracles He performed at the feast in Jerusalem. John reveals, however, that such… Continue Reading

Sermon Notes + 3.19.2023

DOWNLOAD PDF 3.5.2023 SERMON NOTES The Gospel Is for All People John 4:1-42 Dr. Tamene Menna, Executive Pastor Overview: The purpose of John’s gospel is that those who hear it might believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that, believing in Him, they might have life in His name (John 20:30).… Continue Reading

Sermon Notes + 3.12.2023

DOWNLOAD PDF 3.12.2023 SERMON NOTES I Am Not the Christ John 3:22-36 Dr. Tony Chute, Lead Pastor Overview: The ministries of Jesus and John the Baptist intersect briefly between the time Jesus goes public, and John goes to prison. During this time, some of John’s disciples are concerned that his influence is waning while Jesus’ influence… Continue Reading

Sermon Notes + 3.5.2023

DOWNLOAD PDF 3.5.2023 SERMON NOTES God So Loved the World John 3:16-21 Dr. Tony Chute, Lead Pastor Overview: The most famous verse in the Bible contains the most glorious truth and the most precious promise in all of Scripture but is followed by the most dire assessment and most disturbing consequence in all of human… Continue Reading

Sermon Notes + 2.19.2023

DOWNLOAD PDF 2.12.2023 SERMON NOTES He Did Not Entrust Himself to Them John 2 Dr. Tony Chute, Lead Pastor Overview: The second chapter of John’s gospel places Jesus at two special events—a wedding in Cana and the Passover feast in Jerusalem—where His actions at each elicit various responses. Jesus is invited to the wedding but… Continue Reading

Sermon Notes + 2.12.2023

DOWNLOAD PDF 2.12.2023 SERMON NOTES Overview: The narrative of Jesus’s life in the Gospel of John begins with the ministry of John the Baptist and continues with the formation of a small band of disciples. John the Baptist’s ministry becomes public before that of Jesus and elicits questions from the Jewish leadership, which gives him… Continue Reading

Sermon Notes + 2.5.2023

DOWNLOAD PDF 2.5.2023 SERMON NOTES The Word Became Flesh John 1:1-18 Dr. Tony Chute, Lead Pastor Overview: John’s Gospel is written for the purpose of eliciting belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God with the promise that those who believe will have life in His name. The fact that John’s audience believed in… Continue Reading

Sermon Notes + 1.29.2023

Download PDF 1.29.2023 SERMON NOTES This Act of Grace 2 Corinthians 8 Dr. Tony Chute, Lead Pastor Overview: Paul encourages the Corinthians to provide an offering for Christians in Jerusalem, a task they had committed to earlier but never quite completed. In order to prompt their participation, he cites the Macedonian churches as an example… Continue Reading

Sermon Notes + 1.22.2023

Download PDF 1.22.2023 SERMON NOTES Faithfulness in the Little Things Matthew 25:14-30 Tyler Van Horssen, Director of Student Ministry Overview: In context, the parable of the talents is a part of what is called the “Olivet Discourse” (Matthew 24-25). In these chapters, Jesus shares with His disciples what will happen in the future regarding the… Continue Reading

Sermon Notes + 1.8.2023

Download PDF 1.15.2023 SERMON NOTES My Times Are in Your Hand Psalm 31 Dr. Tony Chute, Lead Pastor Overview: The Psalmist finds himself in a difficult situation that forces him to plead desperately with the Lord to preserve his life. Though the specifics are unknown, the context suggests an ongoing conflict that has taken a… Continue Reading