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What Happens in a Growth Group?

What happens in a Growth Group?

The Growth Groups Goals shape how our groups spend their time together. A growth group will typically try to accomplish the following each time they meet:

  • Fellowship/sharing time – Usually the group will either begin or end with 20-30 minutes of social time. Some groups choose to meet for dinner while others wait until the end of the night and share dessert. This is sometimes the most important time of the meeting because in these informal moments there is a deeper level of sharing. Also, early on this is the time when people will begin to build trust and rapport with each other.
  • Bible application/ discussion – It is important to note that the Study portion of the small group is not a teaching time. This is a time where the group leader is facilitating a discussion that is centered on application. Small group leaders facilitate, they don’t teach another lesson. Groups can choose to do discussions on either the weekly Sunday Sermon or through a Christian book that has been approved by the pastoral staff.
  • Prayer/accountability – This can be done as a large group but with mixed groups and couples there are times when the men and women need to meet separately to help promote openness and transparency. Usually a greater level of sharing takes place at this time. Groups can choose to split off as a regular part of their weekly gathering or choose to meet on off weeks with just the men and just the women.
  • Other – Also each group should put on their regular yearly meeting schedule ONE social event a quarter as well as ONE Service event once a year.