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What is the Commitment for a Growth Group?

What is the commitment required to join a Growth Group?

In order to accomplish the 5 biblical objectives for our small group ministry, it is essential that those entering a group make group gatherings a high priority on their schedule. Faithful attendance not only strengthens the group but also provides the most benefit for individual group members. Since there is usually limited space it is important to only sign up for a group if you are able to fully and faithfully participate. Also, group members must be regular attendees of Northpoint church, as we do not want participants who are attending a small group as a substitute for church. However, exceptions may be made if folks are invited to the Growth group as a way to bring them to faith in Christ.

All groups should go over a Growth Group Covenant that sets the boundaries and agenda for the group in the first week or two of their first meeting.  Group Covenants help to clarify assumptions some might have about the group and also will provide leaders with a framework for confrontation in the future.