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Prayer Wall

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!

Jennifer Sell

My daughter is a freshman in college. She came home for the holidays (from Colorado), and has spent the entire time with friends that are a negative influence. She is currently refusing to go back, even though she is there on a full-ride scholarship for softball, and we would not be able to afford to send her anywhere else. This is absolutely devastating to our family, and I'm particularly worried with how it may affect her grandparents that have helped so much over so many years for her to get her scholarship. I got an email saying she is now on academic probation, which I think may be the real reason she doesn't want to go back; she doesn't want to face the music (her coaches), though she hasn't said as much. She was actually really happy and loving college before she came home for break. I'm at such a loss as to what to do, and it just feels like the end of the world. (Though I know it's not.)

Received: January 7, 2015

Chantal Leyba

Please pray from my husband Ric. He twisted wrong on Wednesday and is now in terrible pain. He had a herniated disc in his lower back for the past 18 years, but this is the worst pain he has felt. Please pray that God minimizes his pain so he can walk and lay down and that he guides him to the next step he should take with is back. Thank you and God bless.


Received: December 20, 2014

Hanan Gandasubrata

Prayer Request:

Please pray for me. I am a man, I am 43 years old. However, due to unstable health condition, I was very dependent on my mother in terms of finance and others. My father had died in 2012 ago. Please help pray that I have the strength, good health and wisdom, to earn my own income.

Email from: Hanan Gandasubrata (gandahanan@gmail.com)

Received: November 12, 2014


Pray for my parents, Jean and Eddie who do not know Christ. My mother recently lost her mother (my grandmother) who was a believer, but my mom has no hope, and is doing the best she can to "stay in control" of the situation, and to keep her emotions from coming to the surface, she does not believe in any God. Pray she and my dad both would have open, teachable, repentant hearts, open to hearing and receiving the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Received: October 25, 2014

Rob Kersey

Hello Northpoint Family -

I have been feeling ill for about 10 days and finally went to the doctor yesterday. I have viral bronchitits. Please pray for and agree with me for healing.

Thank you all very much.

Love in Christ -

- Rob

Received: September 10, 2014

Sandy Olson

My seven year old grandson Joshua has ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) he has been a problem in every classroom, he is very disruptive, he hurts children on the playground, and has a personal relationship with the principle due to the many times he's been in her office. Every discipline has been tried on him both at school and at home. Nothing works! Two weeks ago he was enrolled at Crossroads Christian School. They have read his cum file and are keeping a close eye on him. He is still a disruption in the class. Tuesday he exposed himself in the bathroom to two boys and was suspended for two days. Today my son and daughter-in-law have a meeting with his teacher and principle to see if he is going to be expelled. Please pray that he does not get expelled and can stay in a Christian environment and not have to be put back into public school. My heart breaks for this child. He has an appointment for psychological evaluation on Sept 23. Please pray about that. I pray that some one will join with me and commit this child to daily prayer. This child never has any remorse for what he does wrong and always blames someone else for his issues. This is most troubling. Please pray for him, his parents (who do not know the Lord) and everyone involved with this child for wisdom and direction. I pray for a total transformation in every way for this child. I'm also praying that God reveals himself to my son and daughter-in-law. Thank you so much for being here for me. I really covet your prayers.

Received: August 28, 2014

Beverly Garcia

Our grandson Sgt. Brian Bayles, who is in the Army, is being deployed to Afghanistan on Sept. 10. He will be leading a platoon that will be protecting our special forces there.

He leaves behind a wife Haleigh and almost 2 year old son, Karter.

Brian accepted Christ as a young boy, and graduated from Calvery Chapel School in 2009. He has not had a close walk with the Lord since entering in the Army. His wife Haleigh accepted Christ last year, but has not grown in her faith. Please pray that their faith will grow, and pray for safety and protection of Brian and our troops as they serve our country.

Thank you,

Bev, Garcia

Received: August 25, 2014


Prayer Request :

Pastor Thieringo must Find good job quickly,

Protection,prosperity,healing,wisdom,freedom,miracles in

finances and business,he must find wife,success and miracles

in his life in Jesus name .

Received: July 29, 2014

Jay McNeilly

This is a praise! Sue McNeilly is much much better. Turns out, all the pain and numbness was caused from inflammation of her nerves caused by her operation and probably issues prior to her operation. She is in the hospital again for the next couple of days on an IV for steroids only. This will decrease or eliminate the inflammation altogether and she should be good as new. She had another MRI today and all looks perfect, no other problems, no blood, all clear! Thank-you everyone for all the prayers, food and support through this difficult time. Praise to God for challenges and answered prayer, as we grow closer to HIM through trials and tribulations. Sue should be home by Friday and have a whole new outlook on life and all it has to offer. Please continue to pray however, by thanking the Lord, as well as continued healing. God bless all, Jay McNeilly

Received: July 23, 2014

Jay McNeilly

Pray for my wife Sue McNeilly. She is having surgery this morning for spinal stenosis, and bulging discs. She has been in constant pain for several months and took a turn for the worse 6 days ago. We were blessed to get a quick surgery date to relieve this situation. She will be having micro discectomy and enlargement of the space in her spine where her nerves pass through. Please pray for a successful surgery, and for her doctors to use their skills and God's protection, healing, and guidance to make this procedure correct her situation and bring her back to 100. May God be in her presence at this time and hear your prayers...

Received: July 18, 2014

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