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Serve the Lord in Awana

Our club leadership is composed of many wonderful folks whose time, love and devotion to the spiritual upbringing of our kids is treasured dearly, both by us and by our Lord. We would love to help you explore opportunities to give of yourself serving God’s children.


    • Directors – Responsible for the administration of all activities within their club and the supervision and discipleship of all leaders and LITs


    • Leaders – Responsible for the supervision of a small group of clubbers, encouraging and mentoring them in God’s word, keeping them safe and organized


    • LITs (Leaders in Training) – Assist small group leaders in encouraging the children, listening to verses and keeping them safe and organized


    • Secretaries – Responsible for the administration of each small club, keeping track of the clubbers’ handbook progress and attendance, and handing out progress awards


    • Worship Leaders – Lead the clubbers in corporate song and prayer


    • Game Square Directors – Running all game activities within each club and serving as AWANA Games coaches


    • Parent Listeners – Assisting leaders and LITs by listening to verses during handbook time