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Northpoint Values

The communities of Corona, Norco, and Temescal Canyon have experienced substantial population growth since 1995.  The dynamic changes in our surrounding community present Northpoint with an opportunity to further promote God’s Kingdom.  Based on an assessment of our ministry objectives and values, we are anxious to grow our corporate ministries in six specific categories:

Enhance our Commitment to and Practice of Prayer. As nothing of any godly value happens without prayer, our first and foremost commitment as a congregation must be increased diligence in this area.  God moves through the prayers of His people, so Northpoint desires to be a community dependent on prayer.  Family prayer guides are a regular and visible part of our church’s ministry.

Excite a Thriving Learning Environment. We value the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.  Our dedication to this is evident in our services, our adult, student and children’s classes, and in all of our church activities.  We are constantly working to develop avenues for teaching new groups of people in both the surrounding Christian and secular communities.  We desire to be a church where regular seminars on everything from creation to parenting are regularly held and publicized and where pastors can come for training, encouragement, and resources.

Engage in Meaningful Relationships within the Church. As we grow, it becomes more and more difficult for people to develop meaningful relationships within the church family, especially in the corporate worship setting.  It is our belief that a healthy Christian church experience must include life-on-life discipleship and support.  So, we have made it our goal to see every individual at Northpoint involved in an intimate community, study, or personal accountability group, known at Northpoint as Connect Groups.  We also stress the importance of cross-generational relationships and experience-based mentoring, offering regular opportunities for relationships with and training from others who have “been there, done that.”

Exercise our Gifts for the Benefit of our Ministry. The expansion and growth of ministry requires the participation of more people in the congregation.  We are well aware of the fact that the service and gifts of our whole congregation are crucial to our vision for the future.  We believe that God has sovereignly designed the Church to function as a body, with gifts provided by the Holy Spirit to individuals as necessary for the benefit and health of the church.  We are excited to see our congregation’s gifts used in new and powerful ways:  artists and writers using their talents, individuals serving others for the first time, and new leaders being trained and facilitated for vibrant ministry.

Enlarge our Community Exposure and Outreach. We understand that the Gospel is preached through both word and deed, so we seek to minister to our community in numerous ways.  Certainly evangelism is key; we offer evangelism training classes regularly to give people the tools and confidence to share their faith.  Important as well, however, are our ministries of common grace – caring for personal and physical needs – that have always marked the Christian Church.  We desire to be a church that cares for its community in very practical ways:  providing basic care for widows and low-income families, participating in community clean-up, etc.  Through these ministries, we hope to increase our opportunities to share the message of the Gospel with people and see many lives changed by the power of Christ.

Extend our Ministry Beyond our Borders. As we work to reach our growing community, we must never forget about the billions of people throughout the world who need Christ, and our call, as part of the Church, is to reach them.  We are passionately committed to supporting world missions by sending individuals and teams from our own congregation around the world.

Values Statement:

Northpoint is a community of believers, united by faith in Jesus Christ, who exist to worship and reflect the glory of Almighty God in all that we do, through the power of the Holy Spirit.  In this we are:

Bound by the Word – We delight in studying and obeying the Bible as God’s truth, the authority that governs all that we do.

Driven by the Gospel – We are devoted to the good news of forgiveness through Jesus Christ, the only message of life for the world.

Committed to the Family – We recognize that strong churches are built upon strong families and we seek to strengthen the Kingdom by securing the home and helping it grow in Christ-likeness.

Dedicated to Holiness and Mutual Encouragement – We understand the necessity of living holy lives and acknowledge our responsibility to “stimulate one another to love and good deeds.”  Our earnest desire is to assist the work of Christ in one another.

The central ministry of our church is the teaching of the Bible in order to increase the knowledge and application of God’s Word in our lives and to shine the light of the Gospel in a dark world.

The leadership of Northpoint is deeply committed to studying and teaching God’s truth with clarity, diligence, and authority.  This statement represents our convictions concerning the major theological truths of the Bible and reflects the heart of the teaching here at Northpoint.

As a local gathering of members of the body of Christ we do not wish to exclude any who have received Christ as Lord and Savior from participation with us.  However, we ask all who fellowship with us to respect our doctrinal position and work to maintain the unity of the body.