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SOTD John 20:19-31

Passage: John 20:19-31

Instructions: Before you come to God’s Word, ask God to give you Wisdom (James 1:5) as you read the Bible.  Ask God to help you to understand it and to have it impact your life!

Read the passage above through once and then go-back and re-read the text SLOWLY.  While you are re-reading, ask yourself the following questions.

What is significant about the way that Jesus enters the room where the disciples are? (19)

What is the greeting that Jesus gives them?  Why would He greet them in that way? (19)

When the disciples know that it is Jesus, how do they feel? (20)

What does Jesus say to them? (21)  Where is Jesus sending them?

Jesus is sending the disciples in a similar way to how the Father sent Jesus into the world.  Why did the Father send Jesus?  What similar goal would the disciples have for their mission?

Have you been sent by Jesus?  How?  What is your mission?

What does Jesus want to impart to the disciples? (22)

When did the disciples actually receive the Holy Spirit? (Hint, Read Acts 2)

Why is it important that the disciples receive the Holy Spirit?

Had Jesus talked with the disciples about the Spirit before?  When would they receive the Spirit and what would the Spirit do? (Hint: Look back through John for where Jesus talks about the Spirit).

Verse 23 can be confusing.  What does this verse seem to say that is controversial?

In the Greek, it literally reads, if you forgive the sins of any, they have been (past tense) forgiven them.  Jesus is not saying that the disciples have the authority to forgive sins (which only God has), but He was saying that the disciples would be able to recognize those that had been changed by God.

Does Thomas believe the report of the other disciples? (24-25)  Why doesn’t He believe them?  What is His requirement for belief?

What does Jesus do for Thomas? (27) and how does Thomas respond?

What does Jesus say about the way Thomas believed? (29)

What are ways that we could refuse to believe what God says because we can’t see it?  Give some examples?

What should be the basis for what we believe?

Why did John record the specific examples of Jesus’s miracles that He wrote down? (30-31)

After seeing all of the things that Jesus has done in the book of John, do you believe in Him?  Do you have life in His name?

How do you get life in His name?  Share your answer with a friend or your small-group leader!