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California Idols: The “Idol-ometer”

california idols- idolometer


This week’s blog will be a little bit shorter than last weeks.  I got a little bit carried away last week and ended up writing a novel instead of a short thought for the week.  I’m not sure if anyone actually endured the word-onslaught to read the post…way to go if you did!  All that to say…I will be attempting to keep these posts shorter, sweeter, and more digestible.

This week I want to take a break from focusing on specific idols and talk a bit about how to find out what our idols actually are.  Assuming that we desire to find our joy, meaning, and life in God (rather than some idol), how do we find out if something has become an idol to us?  How do we know if the facebook is our way of seeking the idols of comfort or control?

I would like to suggest (actually, I will suggest) that the discipline of “Fasting” can work as an “idol-ometer”, revealing to us whether or not something has truly become an idol to you.

Fasting (abstaining from something good) forces us to test whether or not “God is truly my life and happiness.”  If I can’t fast from something (which means I can’t let it go), then it may be, and probably is, and idol in my heart.

Do you want to know if facebook has become a way to get your idol?  Fast (abstain) from it for a week…or even a month!  Do you want to know if you truly believe that Jesus is your life and your source of joy?  Fast from the good gifts God has given you and see if you can still have joy.

What do you think?

What do you think about this “Idol-ometer”?

What things would you choose to give up for a while? (fast)

If you couldn’t give up facebook for a period of time, what do you think might be the root idol you are seeking to gain through 3 hours a day on facebook?