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Gospel Powered Parenting Book Review – Part 2

gospelpoweredparenting-farleyHere are some more thoughts from Gospel Powered Parenting by William Farley.  Be sure to read the previous post about this book as well.

“The gospel, rightly understood and modeled, makes Christianity attractive.  Effective parents make the gospel so attractive that the world cannot get a foothold in their children’s hearts.” p.24

“Parents who repeatedly find forgiveness in the gospel can extend that forgiveness to their children.  Your children need to watch you continually shedding your guilt and fear at the foot of the cross.”  p.219

“I have said all of this to bring us to this point:   Our marriage is the most powerful example that we possess.  to the degree that the gospel makes our marriage attractive, God will empower us to reach our children.” p.108

“Fathers, you and I are gardeners.  We cannot be replaced.  We cannot hire a school or church to replace us.  We can, and probably should, hire a school to assist us.  Our children’s minds are the gardens.  If we want a rugged faith nourished by a biblical worldview, we must sweat and labor in that garden.  Pull up the weeds with discipline, plant the seed of God’s Word, and fertilize it with example.”  p.180