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How Exciting!!!

How exciting it has been as the Northpoint children have started again to study Genesis.  We have been looking at the consequence of the Fall and how different it has been ever since.  Here are some highlights:

First Adam and Eve were in the Garden – walking with God, then they ended up hiding from Him;

There was no shame – and then we find shame;

They were filled with joy – then fear;

Adam and Eve enjoyed taking care of the garden – then they are cast out and have to toil in the dirt to survive;

They would have had life forever with God – then they had to die for their disobedience;

There was no pain or suffering – then there was;

They had a perfect relationship with God – then they were separated from Him.

The Good News is that we have a God who still loves us and offers us the chance to have a relationship with Him.  He offers us, in a way, an opportunity to be with Him like it was in the garden.  We may still experience pain and suffering, but we can now also experience His love, His forgiveness, His guidance, and an eternity of forever joy with Him again. –John 3:16

As we see celebrations of death, gore, darkness and fear at this time of year with Halloween, let us take this great opportunity to show and share to our children and the world that we know the only way out of the darkness, gore, fear and of the death of this world.  We have Jesus Christ, the all-powerful God, with us.  If you dress up, think about dressing up in a way that helps to share Him.  Maybe offer candy, along with something that has God’s Word on it.  In addition, come to Country Fair and look to share what God has done for you with complete strangers.

He is with you and will help you share this most important point of life: “The Lord is the light and my salvation – whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the stronghold in my life – of whom shall I be afraid? –Psalm 27:1

For God’s Kids,

Terilyn Brown